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Thermaltake wants to ride on the DISCO stick

High-end products are, generally, aimed at one particular market – hardcore gamers. Sure, the workstation lovers get some focus and there is the more-money-than-sense group, but it is the hardcore, living in the dark, nano-suited, sniper fire specialist that gets the love. No idea if it will ever launch, but Thermaltake’s engineers have something slightly different in mind.

The lights glowing inside most chassis, have been designed to evoke the feeling that you are entering an alien sphere. A world where monsters await around every corner and behind every door.

What if the lights were different.

What if they were modelled on the fun. laughs and good times to be had while you are on the prowl for the DISCO stick?

That seems to be part of the new vision in the design department of Thermaltake’s Nei-Hu offices. It’s a vision full of powder mirrors, reflective balls and bejewelled studs.

Here are some close-ups. Let us know if they make you Gaga.

Set BLING to Maximum said Captain Boogie


The attention to detail makes you smile - not one area of the original plastic has been left bling-less

The Tt eSports chaps have also been busy.

Here’s their take on the kind of controls a DISCO-loving pro-gamer should be using to get the love-glue pumping in-game.

The chassis might be 'dreamland', but this mouse looked real enough at Computex 2011

KitGuru says: Do we need more companies to push out designs that are not 100% based on the look/feel of killing your enemy with a phased plasma rifle?

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