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Asrock reveals X79 design – world awaits benchmarks

It’s been a good many years since Intel first unloaded an Extreme version of its high-end processor into the face of a waiting world. Computex 2011 saw preparations for the next generation in full swing. KitGuru’s cameras swung by the Asrock stand to see if there had been any fatalities. So to speak.

The Asrock stand at Computex 2011 in Taipei, showed just how far this brand has come over the past 2 years.

Once a ‘me too’ outfit of mainboard makers, this year’s stand was large – with a lot going on.

To one side, they had a home theatre PC set up using the Asrock Vision 3D. On the opposite angle was a promo video interview with StarCraft II supremo, White-Ra from Poland.

White-Ra wasn’t the only celebrity on hand to promote Asrock – they also had Fatal1ty on hand for exclusive TV interviews.

Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel, the world's most famous gamer, about to be interviewed by Richard Greening for Pro Class TV on the Asrock stand at Computex 2011

That brings us to the last of the Asrock cubby-holes. This one focused on the company’s latest mainboard technologies. Alongside the 990FX board, was the X79 Extreme 4 that we had been looking for. Here are the salient specifications and a board shot (apologies for any reflections – but it was a bright hall with lots of glass protecting the board!).

Asrock X79 Extreme 4 specification


The familiar 2x DIMM socket either side of the main CPU slot is a dead giveaway

KitGuru says: Can’t wait to get this new 2011 technology into the Lab and torture test it to hell and back!

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