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Sony confirm they were hacked again by Lulzsec – says sorry

Kitguru reported earlier this week that Lulzsec, a group of skilled hackers, claimed to have compromised Sony servers. Last night Sony confirmed this was true, saying they were the victim, yet again, of an attack.

Michael Lynton chairman and chief executive officer of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment said “The cybercrime wave that has affected Sony companies and a number of government agencies, businesses and individuals in recent months has hit Sony Pictures as well.”

They added “Yesterday afternoon a group of criminal hackers known as “LulzSec” claimed to have breached some of our websites. We have confirmed that a breach has occurred and have taken action to protect against further intrusion. We also retained a respected team of experts to conduct the forensic analysis of the attack, which is ongoing. In addition, we have contacted the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and are working with them to assist in the identification and apprehension of those responsible for this crime.”

By now we would assume that many people have lost faith in Sony to keep any proficient level of security and all they can say, yet again is “We deeply regret and apologize for any inconvenience caused to consumers by this cybercrime.”

What is compromised this time? Lulzsec say they infiltrated the Sonypictures.com website and gained access to information such as email addresses, home addresses, passwords and even birth dates of over 1,000,000 user accounts. The kicker? Lulzsec said that the data wasn’t even encrypted.

“…every bit of data we took wasn’t encrypted. Sony stored over 1,000,000 passwords of its customers in plaintext, which means it’s just a matter of taking it. This is disgraceful and insecure: they were asking for it.”

Sony are reeling from a continual barrage of attacks, and this is the latest in a long line of security issues for the Japanese electronics giant.

KitGuru says: The company has created a new position to help with the continual breaches, ‘Chief Information Security Officer’ – and we pity their workload right now.

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