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Overclocking World Records – under the G.Skill covers

Computex 2011 was one of the best ever. What we enjoyed most was that no one stand was overly-expensive, but everyone made an effort to do cool/interesting stuff. So, overall, the effect was welcoming and engaging. Arguably, some of the biggest crowds drawn at the show were around the world record clocking on the G.Skill stand. Here's a little behind the scenes imagery that did not make it into KitGuru's original report.

Setting world records means making components go faster than their designers originally specified. Sometimes, by a huge amount.

As the clocks go higher and higher, so the amount of ‘juice' escaping from the system increases – exponentially as you approach complete component failure.

Keeping the heat down means exotic cooling, which – on the G.Skill stand – came in the form of 2 giant Liquid Nitrogen Cylinders (LN2).

World class overclocking kit - held together by chewing gum and string (or so it seems)


The rumours ARE true - liqud nitrogen DOES make things cold - official


It's all very technical around the mainboard itself. Only the finest quality kitchen towel is used.


It's all bog standard equipment - available from all good newsagents


KitGuru knows that the way to the heart of any Lady-Geek is with a frozen red rose

KitGuru says: Big thank you to G.Skill for making such an entertaining stand at Computex 2011 – it was good watching the build up, record attempts and playing around with LN2 after.

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