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G.Skill launch AMD-Optimised Trident Z RGB memory

G.Skill pushed its Trident Z memory into the RGB world last year, shrouding a beautiful upward-pointing light strip surrounded by a metal heatsink to keep it cool. Ryzen users need not be jealous any longer, as G.Skill has released AMD compatible Trident Z RGB kits that range up to 3200MHz. …

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G.Skill OC World Cup 2017 Winner announced

At Computex this year, G.Skill returned once again to hold the Annual OC World Cup, inviting top overclockers from around the world to gather and compete for an ultimate grand prize of $10,000. In 2016, the overclocker known as ‘Splave’ came out on top. However, this year, he was dethroned …

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G.Skill launches Flare X and FORTIS memory tuned for Ryzen

G.Skill today is introducing two new RAM kits, the Flare X series and the FORTIS series. Both kits consist of DDR4 modules that are fully certified for AMD’s new Ryzen processors and AM4 motherboards. These kits have been designed and tested specifically with AMD’s new chips in mind and have …

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G.Skill updates top-end memory kits for Kaby Lake

G.Skill has increased the speed of its top-end memory kits to offer 4GHz+ performance right out of the box. The new modules come in 16GB and 32GB kits and can offer high-speed performance with tight timings and even more room for overclocking. The 16GB kit comes in two, 8GB modules …

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Mega G.SKILL Competition Winners Announced


We had a very strong response to our mega competition with G.SKILL giving away a combination of 15 keyboards, mice, and memory kits. Thanks to everybody who entered! The original competition page can be viewed HERE. The lucky winners and their allocated prize are as follows: G.SKILL Ripjaws KM780 RGB …

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G.Skill goes for the understated look with KM570 RGB


Just over a year ago, G.Skill launched its first RGB gaming keyboard, the KM780, and while it was a great keyboard in its own right, it did feature an over the top ‘gamer’ aesthetic, which doesn’t always appeal to everyone. That is changing this year as G.Skill has just launched …

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G.Skill launches Trident Z 3866MHz 32GB RAM

If you are after a blazing fast DDR4 kit of RAM, then look no further as G.Skill has you covered with the latest addition to its Trident Z line. The new Trident Z DDR4 Memory kit delivers 32GB of RAM at speeds of 3866MHz, making it one of the highest …

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G.Skill to host OC World Record stage at Computex 2016

Today, G.Skill announced that it would be hosting the two largest annual extreme overclocking events at Computex this year, the first being the 5th Annual OC World Record Stage and the second being the 3rd Annual OC World Cup 2016. There will be an all-star line up of professional overclockers …

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G.Skill shows off giant 128GB DDR4 memory kit

Looking at any survey of gamers and enthusiasts shows that the most common memory configuration is 8GB. Some of you have 16GB of course and the big system buyers or heavy CG renderers may need 32GB or a little more, but we’re pretty sure almost none of you have a …

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G.Skill MX780 RGB gaming mouse review

Gaming mice are a very personal choice and with the myriad of options available to prospective buyers, choosing one can be very difficult. G.Skill are hoping that by offering a heavily customisable product it may just secure your interest, as its Ripjaws MX780 offers a number of tweakable options that help …

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G.Skill launches Ripjaws DDR4 SO-DIMM kits

G.Skill has revealed its new line up of Ripjaws DDR4 SO-DIMM RAM kits, which will bring as much as 64GB of memory to supported notebooks along with speeds as high as 2800MHz. These components are hand picked from G.Skill’s own selective binning process in order to ensure that every SO-DIMM kit …

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