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ADATA has also managed to achieve a 5GHz DDR4 overclock on air cooling

Two weeks ago, we saw G.Skill become the first memory maker to achieve 5GHz speeds on DDR4 using only air cooling. Now, it looks like others are starting to catch up, with ADATA announcing this week that it also managed to break the 5GHz barrier on an XPG RAM kit.

ADATA sent out a press release to confirm that it successfully managed to overclock its dual-channel XPG Spectrix D41 RGB DDR4 memory to 5000MHz using air cooling. The milestone was achieved back in March according to ADATA director, Tom Chan, though the information is only just beginning to circulate.

Chan added that the next step for ADATA will be “working to make this more than just a technological milestone”. With that in mind, it looks like the team has already begun working on figuring out how to produce 5GHz DDR4 on a larger scale, so that it can be sold as a guaranteed speed in future memory kits.

ADATA's XPG Spectrix D41 RAM uses Samsung B-die ICs, which are known for delivering high overclocking potential. Beyond that, the system used to achieve this featured an MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard and Intel XMP 2.0.

KitGuru Says: Previously, speeds like this could only be achieved using stronger cooling methods, like LN2, so the fact that multiple memory makers are now reaching 5GHz on air is certainly exciting. However, RAM prices right now are incredibly high, so I'd dread to think how much a 5GHz DDR4 kit would end up costing the consumer.

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