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MSI drops price on Z77 mainboard by 7%

The bizarre events of the NDA-blowing launch and sale of Intel’s new chipset mainboards has moved onto a new stage. Price discounting. KitGuru makes screen grabs and calculations.

From the time Futuremark picked up four Intel z77 chipset mainboard reviews, this story has continued to break and change.

The latest news is that price discounting on some boards is now taking place with reductions of around 7%.

For an older technology, one that is not selling, you can expect to get a discount. But for MSI to reduce the price of a launch product by almost 7% would be unheard of. Still, the screen grab is what it is.

Amazing price drops. What next?

KitGuru says: It’s impossible to predict where this story will turn next, but we are keeping a watch from the mountain.

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