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Enermax to introduce ErP lot 6 revised PSU’s

Enermax are revising their Modu82+ II and Pro82+ II power supplies. These revised power supplies have an improved, efficient 5Vsb rail to support the new EU Regulation ErP Lot 6 for modern day systems.

So what exactly is ‘ErP Lot 6’?

These are Energy related Product, previous EuP=Energy-using Products), part of the EU Framework Directive on Eco-Design of Energy-Using Products from the 21st of October 2009. It sets mandatory ecological requirements for energy-using and energyrelated products sold in all 27 Member State. Among others, it defines limits for the energy consumption of PC systems during standby and off-state.

The directive has been realized with the regulation no. 1275/2008 of the EU commission. It says that from the 7th of January 2010 on, a PC system should not consume more than 1W during off-state or standby. From the 7th of January 2013 on, the limit will be 0,5W. In the future, only systems, which fulfil this requirement, will receive CE certification.

The key system components to fulfil the requirements of the new regulation are the mainboard on the one and the PSU on the other hand. Only if both components can reduce the power consumption, systems are able to apply the ErP Lot 6 norms. In case of PSU, the standby consumption depends on the efficiency of the 5V standby rail (5Vsb). Current high efficient PSU consume min. 0.6W, even in combination with a mainboard, which is compliant with newest ErP Lot 6 norm, the system will exceed the limit of 1W.

Enermax improved the efficiency of the 5V standby rail to make its PSU ready for the newest EU standard. We gained around 20% efficiency on the 5Vsb rail – up to 55% instead of around 35% (0,09A load, 230V). The first models will be launched at the beginning of 2011 – series
by series, starting with Pro82+ II and Modu82+ II.

Enermax is one of the first PSU manufacturers to react on this regulation and these will be available early 2011. Intel have some information on this subject which you can read (PDF format) over here.

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