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Apple reject Android Magazine from App Store

Reports are circulating from Media Watch that Apple have just rejected a magazine application from Danish company MediaProvider because it featured exclusive content about the Android Operating System.

The Google platform is one of Apple's most legitimate threats in recent years, however if they have indeed banned it from the App Store then it indicates that Apple's censorship system is a little heavy handed. We noticed that there is already an Android news app available in the App Store called AndroidWorld Reader and other applications are available which do detail specifics on other operating systems. It appears however that this application – Android Magasinet, was rejected primarily for the Android specific content.

What other applications are blocked from sale? Well its all under the watchful gaze of Apple themselves, and they immediately blacklist any program with nudity in it, even if used for educational purposes. The iPhone ignores all language that Apple has deemed foul in text messages.

KitGuru says: Heavy Handed or fair and square?

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