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FSP set to launch CRPS standard power supply for cryptominers

Despite Common Redundant Power Supply (CRPS) being designed for large scale server implementations, the benefits of the Intel-defined standard clearly carry over to mining. Taiwanese power supply manufacturer FSP is the first to catch onto the idea, introducing its Bit Coin Mining Machine Module built for blockchains.

After running KitGuru through its safety plans ahead of the EU’s strict requirements for power supplies in 2019, FSP proudly showed off its brand new Bit Coin Mining Machine Module, known by the code CC1 (Crypto Currency 1).

Built from the imagination of ex-world-record-holding overclocker Edward Liang, CC1 has been a year in the making. “If a major manufacturer designed a power distribution unit – in accordance with Intel’s CRPS – then we could take the market by storm,” explains Liang while criticising weak models from the mainland of China.

FSP got to work, putting the experience it’s gathered as a big supplier in the data centre world to good use. This enabled the company to drive a staggering amount of wattage through CRPS units no larger than a small bottle of Pepsi.

The 1600W unit showcased is a step up from the 1200W demonstration model, delivering a steady 200W across 8 graphics cards simultaneously, on a 24/7 basis. FSP didn’t detail whether this would be the only model available at launch, but it did describe that it had several opportunities lined up.

“We have not set a price or availability date,” explains Liang. “But we already have multiple customers on standby.”

KitGuru Says: While mining seems to be dying down for the time being, it’s always in a state of fluctuation, meaning FSP will likely see its new Bit Coin Mining Machine Module fly off the shelves when it eventually lands.

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