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be quiet gives Power Zone the pure sex video treatment

Technology products are strange. Viewed in their plain cardboard boxes, piled high on pallets in a factory, they emit almost no appeal at all. Open the external packaging and the consumer box will normally emit a little ‘wink’ of attraction. Once you get hands on, out of the box, you can’t help but touch, feel and connect. Essentially, the closer you get – the more you want it. be quiet! has been looking at ideas to take this to a new level. KitGuru books a cheap motel room, puts ‘Do not disturb’ on the knob and checks for free Wi-Fi.

Working on a purely visual level, be quiet!’s latest video is lush.

Add in the soundtrack and you have to say this is about as sensual as a PSU advert can get.

be quiet! touches all of the zones that an enthusiast will be sensitive about.

We’re not gonna introduce spoilers for the climax, but – needless to say – it would be hard to make a PSU look more attractive in just 1 minute 40 seconds.

To keep you watching to the end, be quiet! wants you to post a comment on YouTube to let them know what your favourite bit is – and that gives you a chance to win a prize!

KitGuru says: We love a bit of innovation when it comes to marketing technology products – and this video presses all the right buttons. What do you think? Have they pulled it off?

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  • Graham

    This certainly a powerful advert!
    Should of used music by ‘ACDC’!

    May be this could be the next type of competition for the best video selling a piece of computer kit!