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Rare deal on Seasonic power supplies pops up

While the senior management of Seasonic don't like to talk about it, as a company, they have produced some of the finest and most famous power supplies the PC market has ever seen. Chances are, even if a PSU won a mantelpiece full of awards and was designed and manufactured by Seasonic, it would almost certainly have someone else's brand on the front. KitGuru puts a Seasonic branded deal under the microscope.

That's what Seasonic does: It makes great power supplies for other people.

Most of the time.

But, every now and then, the company pushes out some new designs of its own.

Toward the end of 2012, Seasonic was moving a large number of new designs into the market – including the incredible 520w Platinum Fanless – arguably one of the greatest PSU designs of all time.

But the company also does some very affordable ‘M' and ‘S' units – and it is the 620W Seasonic S12II that caught our eye earlier, over on Aria

Deals on Seasonic PSUs are about as common as teeth in chickens, so imagine our surprise when we noticed that a whopping 28% had been lopped off this unit, bringing it down to just £54.95 inc vat and delivery (but you will need to check for any conditions).

Seasonic PSU?  620w?   Rated 80+ Bronze?  Tad over £50?
Seasonic PSU? 620w? Rated 80+ Bronze? Tad over £50?


KitGuru says: If you've always fancied a little Rolls Royce treatment in the PSU area, but only have Ford Focus money, now might be the time to trade up.

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