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Thermaltake launches Evo Blue 2

It's not often a technology company launches a product that is openly labelled ‘Flashy', but when LEDs have been built in from the ground up – maybe it's an idea. The product info says ‘Turbo Powered PSU', so KitGuru brought along a tin of fresh-Porsche smell, just in case.

The new EVO Blue 2.0 range of enthusiast power supplies from Thermaltake includes a 650w, 750w and 850 modular – all of which are guaranteed to deliver efficiency close to 92%.

While most of the components in a modern PC operate automatically, Thermaltake has deliberately engineered in an additional 100w to each of these supplies – for times when you think you might need it.

Press a button and the additional capacity is instantly available.

Apparently, things inside a PSU can get hot when it has been delivering maximum wattage for a while and, normally, when you close a PC down – the fans stop running as soon as the power stops. With the Thermaltake EVO Blue 2.0, the fans will carry on spinning for up to 30 seconds after shut down – to ensure none of your PSU's components overheat.

To help deal with big draws, the unit has a high current, single +12v rail and Japanese capacitors.

Although the new PSU is called ‘Blue' it is actually available in your choice or Black or Khaki. The only ‘blue' you will find is the internal fan light – which switches from blue, under normal load, to red, when you press turbo charge.

Choose black or green - either way you can tell if its angry (sorry - overclocked) if it goes red inside

KitGuru says: Right now, the power supply market is very competitive but, if Thermaltake manages to get the price right and stocks the channel in time for Xmas, then maybe they can get a bump in their sales.

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