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be quiet! PowerZone 650W PSU Review

We really do love the appearance of this power supply. bequiet! have attached various well made plastic panels to the sides of the main chassis – all to improve the appearance. This material is extremely resistant to both fingerprints and general scratches.

The unit passed our ‘screwdriver’ stress test, which involves running a Philip’s head driver down the side of the chassis with weak to modest pressure. How often have you accidentally hit a power supply with some tools during a system build phase?

The power supply measures 86 x 150 x 175 mm (LxWxH). It is ErP 2013 ready.
Even the be quiet! logo is engraved right into the material, a lovely touch.
One side of the power supply is vented to help improve airflow, alongside the traditional power switch and cable connector. We like how the company have covered this edge with strips of material to further enhance the appearance.
The modular panel takes up the full width of the power supply. Each of the rows is clearly labelled to make the system installation phase straightforward. All of the cable connector sizes are different anyway so it would be impossible to accidentally plug into the wrong socket.

be quiet! PowerZone 650W PSU
DC Output
Max Output
Total Power 140W 648W 3.6W 15W

The single 12V rail can deliver 54A, or 648W of the total power. Both +3.3V and +5V output can deliver 25A.

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