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Be Quiet! Straight Power E9 580W Power Supply Review

The Be Quiet! Silent Wings fan is a special 135mm model designed for these units, branded BQT T13525-LF15. It is a fluid bearing model and the company are keen to point out that each of the blades is ‘tared’ to resolve any imbalancing. The company will add or remove weights when necessary. It produces up to 62.74 CFM (at a maximum of 1,500 rpm).

This is an FSP design, and is an ‘Active Clamp & Syncronous Rectifier’ topology configuration. Be Quiet claim this is ‘the best topology to create power supplies with an 80 PLUS Gold certification in watt ranges up to 700W, at reasonable costs’. They are using zero voltage and zero current switching technology (ZCS, ZVS).

This topology uses additional active components including a set of MOSFETS, capacitors and a newly developed IC on the primary side. A second IC controls the rectification on the DC or secondary side. They are using a large heatsink for MOSFET cooling.

FSP are using CapXon capacitors … a mixture of 85c and 105c ratings. The primary side capacitor is rated 330uF-420V.

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  • Frank

    another winner from bequiet.

  • Ernie

    They are some of the nicest designed PSUs on the market. never bought one before however, always stuck to corsair, but I might check one out next year if I ever get around to building my media system.

  • Joseph

    Great power supplies, i use 4 of them 🙂

  • Doctor Moo

    Its expensive, but the fan alone is worth £20 IMO, as they are engineered way above anything else in the mainstream market.

  • Paulie

    Only thing putting me off it, is the capacity. id like the 680W version, but im sure they are basically identical, so worth a buy.

    Thanks for the review, great quality pictures.

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