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Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W Power Supply Review

You don’t get much more eye catching than this. a box made from liquid gold. Well not really, but it certainly catches the eye.

Inside, the Supply is protected by foam and is shipped inside a protective bag to stop any damage to the surface under rough shipping conditions. On top is a user manual with specifications and to the right is a box containing the accessories and cabling.

The cables are extra length:

ATX connector is 500mm.
4+4 Pin ATX12V/EPS12V is 600mm.
6+2 Pin PCIe is 610mm.
6 pin PCIe is +90mm

6+2 pin PCIe is 600mm
6 pin PCIe is +100mm
Molex is 450mm + 95mm
floppy drive connector +100

As we noted last time, the finish is stunning, it doesn’t attract finger prints easily and is fairly resilient to rough handling. This may sound like a small point, but I have had power supplies get scuffed when installing them carefully into a chassis. Simple and understated design, always a good combination.

The rear of the PSU is fully honeycomb vented to ensure maximum air flow and cooling proficency. The front supports the modular cables detailed earlier, and they are all clearly labelled and sized to ensure no one will get confused. The ports all match the muted gold colour scheme, a nice touch.

98A on the single 12V enough for you? Yeah we thought so, its enough for us as well.

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  1. Just ordered one from OCUK, needed a new PSU and was going to get the corsair 850W, but its only 35 more!

  2. Not often you see a 1200W PSU with gold cert for under 200 quid. winner for me.

  3. Very nice, that just hits the spot for me. was going to spend about 130 on a new one, but I seem to buy a new PSU every 2 years, so this one might last me 4. thats my logic. might be after christmas, but I think this is for me.

  4. I love the KitGuru PSU reviews, top job.

  5. I am glad you didnt nail it for the ripple results. its still well within specs and some sites are known to mark a product down on this.

    Products should only be marked down if the problem actually affects the user. this isn’t a problem. just a little higher ripple than leading products and well within the specs.

  6. Very impressed with this and the pricing especially. most of them are 250 here.

  7. Pricing is good as everyone says. its only 30 quid more than some 850W psus ive seen online. looks like a solid buy. design of the chassis looks very like the corsair products, or is no one else seeing that? the font etc.