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Corsair AX750 Power Supply Review

The fan inside the unit is a San Ace 120 – Model 9S1212F404. This is a 120mm unit (140mm fan in the AX1200) and it is a 7 blade design rated at 12v/0.19A. This fan normally spins in the 1200rpm zone, but has a maximum rating of 2,400 rpm creating 40dBa – we will look at this later. If you are interested in the full range of Sanyo Denki fans then check out this page.

Corsair are keen to extoll the virtues of their Hybrid Silent fan control system – it offers 3 modes of cooling which is dependant on the current status of power load. up to 20% load for instance the fan is disabled which generates no noise and then between 20% and 50% load it spins into low fan mode. Above this it then turns into performance mode for demanding load requirements.

Sanyo Denki are well known to make some of the best fans in the business, but they are noticeably more expensive than many others. It is good to see Corsair not cutting a corner here with a cheap fan.

Inside, as expected the design is very clean and while we have less physical room when compared with the higher end AX1200 unit there is good attention to detail and no build issues we can note. Wiring is noticeably tight which ensures the best possible connection quality. Soldering quality is just as high as the AX850 unit we reviewed last month.

The Corsair AX750 uses a design which places the 3.3V and 5V DC outputs on an independent DC output connector board.

The connector board features an integrated voltage regulation module (VRM) which produces the 3.3V and 5V output directly from a low current 12V DC input. This is a similar principle to the AX1200 we reviewed and it results in a much higher efficiency rating compared to traditional designs that place all the DC output connectors on the same board. Additionally the high current 12V DC outputs are directly soldered to the main circuit board. This helps to ensure low heat generation and resistance levels.

The capacitors used for the PFC stage are 390uF rated to 105C. This Corsair unit boosts efficiency by minimising the loss in the PFC stage by switching the primary power on and off when the cycle is at 0 voltage and 0 current.

The Corsair AX750 uses a high quality double sided PCB design which offers advantages when compared against standard PCB layouts. The primary point to note is that this specific design doubles the amount of copper used for traces and return planes and it also increases the efficiency as a result of lower resistive losses which helps to improve cooling characteristics. The AX750 also incorporates ‘through-hole’ soldering which means higher levels of reliability.

As we would expect there is over current and under voltage protection and the PSU conforms to all required international safety standards. Over current protection (OCP) for example is present on all rails, including the single +12V rail (which can deliver 62 Amps). Over Temperature Protection (OTP) and Short Circuit Protection (SCP) are also included.

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