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NZXT Hale82 850W Power Supply Review

The 120mm fan is an ADDA unit, model ‘AD1212UB-A70GL’. This is a dual ball bearing fan rated 12V, 0.5A.

This is a Seasonic design, one of our favourite manufacturers in the industry now for many years. The internal build is very clean, with several long heatsinks strategically placed to aid with heat dissipation.

The AC receptacle and the on/off switch are connected to a PCB which also contains two Y capacitors, an X capacitor and a CM choke. Nearby there are two bridge rectifiers attached to a heatsink.

The two main primary stage capacitors are Nippon Chemi Con, rated 330uF, 400V to 105c. The minor rails are generated through two DC-DC convertors which are all held on the same PCB.

All of the capacitors on the secondary side are also Nippon Chemi Con and are rated at 105c.

All of the cables are sleeved into the chassis and tied down. NZXT also place a rubber grommet on the chassis for further protection against long term fraying.

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