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OCZ ZS Series 550W Power Supply Review

OCZ are using a Globe fan, the RL4z B1352512M. This is a popular choice among manufacturers.

This power supply seems to be a Sirfa design. It is a basic design, but one that has been used now (in various forms) for many years, with a lot of success.

The first stage of the transient filter uses two Y capacitors and a single X capacitor. There are two rows of heatsinks ensuring adequate cooling reaches the components. The primary capacitor is Panasonic, and rated to 85c. Secondary capacitors are Chemi Con, which is an improvement over the previous generation. The overall design is basic, but clean throughout.

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  • Francis

    I like the appearance. decent results for the price. ideal for a second pc, or media center.

  • Colin

    I like the price. I need a PSU for a media center and dont want to spend a fortune. Dont need any more than this wattage, as its a basic system.

    550 will be more than enough for a 2500 with passively cooled 6 series card.

  • Brownstone

    Good budget supply. decent design all round.

  • Davy

    Well at least it has a power button. I bought an enermax PSU last month, and it doesnt have that. I was really pissed off. no reason not to have one.

  • Uran

    Good price, good backup too from OCZ, their warranty system is great.

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