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Silver Power SP S460FL 460W Review (Fanless PSU)

Silver Power certainly can't be faulted for their presentation. Not only do we end up with a resealable, dual pouch but they wrap the power supply up inside a felt bag.

No fan at the top of the chassis means that the insides are easy to see, even without opening the unit. We can tell already that this is a Seasonic design, a company who continually produce some of the best mainstream power supplies for a variety of partners.

All sides of the power supply have additional venting.

The front of the power supply is completely vented, with a power switch and plug set to the side.

The flip side of the power supply which has another venting hole at the side. Next to this are the modular connectors, which are all clearly labeled.

Silver Power SP S460FL
DC Output
Max Output
Total Power 100W 456W 6W 12.5W

The power supply can deliver 38A to the +12V.

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  1. That is a really impressive design, but the price is only for a few people methinks.

    Think high end media center for a noise sensitive person.

  2. Nice design, has everything, then some. wattage is a bit low for £110 however. 850W power supplies are under 100 quid now.

    I guess you pay for the lack of noise emissions.

  3. A roaring Gorilla would indicate its damn noisy to me … lol
    The Seasonic this is modelled on is only another £7.20 which i would plump for if i was in the market for a fanless PSU.