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Thermaltake Smart M Series 750W PSU review

Thermaltake are using a 140mm fan with the markings ‘TT1425B’. This is a quality rebadged Yate Loon D14BH-12 fan. It can produce a maximum airflow of 140 cfm @ 2,800 rpm.

The design is immediately recognisable as Channel Well Technology (CWT). This looks to be a very similar design to that used in the Corsair TX750W which we reviewed late last year.

The transient filter starts at the AC Receptacle with a pair of Y caps. There are X caps and two Y Caps alongside two CM chokes and an MOV.

There are three thick yellow wires (and several smaller ones) which transfer the +12V to the modular PCB.

The primary capacitor is by Matsushita (Panasonic), and is rated 390μF, 400V, 105°C. There is a small vertical PCB which is responsible for the +12V rectification.

All secondary capacitors are quality Nippon Chemi-Con units. Two parallel bridge rectifiers are bolted on a heatsink.

The hardwired cable is fully sleeved into the chassis, which will protect against long term fraying.

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