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Arctic launches Audio Relay, can you hear the music?

We're lazy. All of us. That probably includes you. In our modern world, with so many things running through our PC, we're used to being able to go click-point-click and have anything we like happen. Films, music etc are all a single click away. But what if you're not at your keyboard? KitGuru runs an eye over the latest innovation from Arctic.

Arctic's Audio Relay (Wireless Media Extended) is a small black box that sits on your network, giving you instant, remote control over your music.

How might you use that? Well, let's say up front that KitGuru would never recommend that you use electronics anywhere near water (you just KNOW what's coming next – right?).

You have run the mother of all bubble baths, but as you get in you realise that the wrong music's playing in the background. With a free Android App and an Arctic Audio Relay, you can fix this in an instant – without ever needing to leave your soapy paradise.

Same thing goes for changing play lists which buried under the covers in your bed.

According to Arctic's own description, this app can even be used to control different music types in different rooms.

So, there you have it, Audio Relay and its dedicated remote application are being touted as a smart and intuitive multi-room system that allows you to listen to your music anywhere with one centralized library from your PC / any other DLNA servers.

Arctic has come a long way from the days of the Freezer 7 Pro

KitGuru says: Usefulness will depend on your own personal living situation, but there are definitely times on our lives when the bloody play list runs out before we're done on a given ‘project', so ‘go Arctic' with the innovations!

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