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Google fix Gmail bug and relaunch app for iOS

Google have relaunched their Gmail application for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only two weeks after they pulled the last bugged version.

Google program manager Matthew Izatt issued a post on the company Gmail blog saying “We've fixed the bug and notifications are now working, and the app is back in the App Store.”

He added “We’re just getting started with the Gmail app for iOS and will be iterating rapidly to bring you more features, including all the ones listed above plus many more. Based on your comments we have already improved our handling of image HTML messages – they are now sized to fit to the screen and you can pinch to zoom in.”

He warned users who had the old application to delete it, or log out before installing the new version.

This has been an embarrassment for Google as they had to quickly pull the previous version after admitted they had ‘mess up' with the release, which had some major bugs. The mess up was that bad that David Girouard, Googles' Vice president of applications issued an apology via his twitter account.

Paul Haddad, the creator of Tweetbot, said on Twitter “It seriously took Google 2 weeks to recompile the app and resubmit? When we got bit by that we had it fixed in < 24 hrs.”

Kitguru says: Hopefully this time, all is good.

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