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Samsung rebrand and relaunch ‘Galaxy Tab 10.1N’ in Germany

While the Apple v Samsung battle rages on behind the scenes Samsung have attempted to bypass the claims of ‘copyright infringement' by modifying the design of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 and rereleasing it in Germany.

They are calling their new tablet, the ‘Galaxy Tab 10.1N' (adding the N).

What has changed? Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents, says that the new tablet has a metal frame which wraps “all around the edge to the extent that a part of it covers the margins of the front side.”

He added “I'm not in the position to say that this product definitely steers clear of infringement. That's up for the courts to decide,” he said. “But without a doubt, Samsung has upped the ante fro Apple and its lawyers in case they wish to request a new injunction or allege that this constitutes an infringement of the existing one.”

The legal wranglings between Samsung and Apple have been hot and heavy, with companies suing and counter suing in the effort to gain the upper hand. Samsung have just issued a new complaint against Apple's 3G related products saying that they breach their copyright.

Apple so far seem to be winning the battle, as they successfully have blocked sales of their devices in Germany and Australia. Samsung have yet to have any success, but they are still fighting back.

Above: Which is better? Are Apple concerned?

Kitguru says: Is the new ‘N' design enough to get the product in stores permanently again, or will Apple find something else?

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