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512GB Crucial SSD drops below £145

It seems like only yesterday that we were all happy with a 1TB spinning hard drive. Then the technologies around solid state drives dropped to the point where ‘working 100% on memory’ became viable – at least for the rich and famous. So how much should you spend on the SSD for your next rig and how much will you need to compromise on space?  KitGuru takes a step back with surprise.

Crucial is one of those brands that makes the chips that go onto the memory boards as well as the complete package.

As such, it will always have a price advantage that only Samsung, Hynix and Toshiba etc can enjoy.

Still, the latest offer to drop into KitGuru’s spam box needed a double take, just to see if they were serious.

Maybe it’s a slow drive, we wondered.   Nope. The packaging claims 550MB/sec read and 500MB/sec write, which if proven would put it toward the upper end of the performance echelon.

Did we read the size wrong?  Nope. This is a that offers the modern version of 512GB.

We can’t see an issue. This is a full speed 512GB SSD, from Crucial, for £144.99.

But we might predict a price war off the back of this move.


KitGuru says: When we spoke with SanDisk at Computex and they showed us a 4TB drive – with a roadmap for much more to follow – we knew that today’s popular drives would have to drop in price. But if drives in the 512GB range settle at just over £100 in the next 6 months, what market would there be for 64/128GB drives and why wouldn’t every laptop have one?

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