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Lose weight now, ask Kingston how

When it comes to standard DDR3 memory modules, Kingston is the world number one – but until the start of 2012, the RAM king wasn’t really seen as a serious player in the SSD space. That’s now changing with a series of new product launches and sharp price cuts. But, as they say, this is just the beginning.

Having pioneered SSD into the mass market back in 2008, Intel knows a thing or two about Solid State Drive technology.

But if you measure the Intel 320, 330 or 520 models, you will find that they are 9.5mm high. If you own a full sized tower chassis, you’ll be forgiven for thinking, “Not the end of the world”. But if you then access the Internet and search out fellow users who have been pulling their hair out looking for a 7mm drive – you will begin to understand that, with mobile devices, size does matter. A lot.

In launching these new V+200 7mm drives, Kingston is acknowledging that it needs flexibility in order to capture a bigger market share. In keeping with that thinking, the new drives arrive with a 2.5mm spacer – so you can still fit it to a device that requires a larger 9.5mm format.

Part numbers are already in the channel, so stock of the 7mm drives won’t be far behind.

KitGuru says: In a world that’s obsessed with ‘slim’ and a technology area that has been built on being able to make things smaller and cheaper – generation after generation – would anyone be surprised that Kingston has made the move to a slim-fast diet on design?

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