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OCZ SSD array can move a DVD in under 2 seconds

Computers are fast and they keep getting faster.

We constantly see the tremendous pace of progress all around us, but sometimes you see a demonstration that really opens your eyes.

At CeBIT 2012, OCZ was demonstrating a load of new technology, including a very swift SSD set up. KitGuru takes time to focus on what’s really being shown.

Your average DVD disc may not hold the full 4.7GB or data, but it can. Traditional hard drives could have taken up to 4 minutes to move that amount of data from point A to point B.

No more.

OCZ’s wizened Tony Leach has been taking visitors to Hannover on a tour of his company’s latest performance masterpiece – and we can confirm that it is scary fast. Effectively, OCZ has asked the question, “If you fully load a 12 core system with as many full-height, R4 Z-Drives, just how fast can you get data to move around your PC?”

OCZ's hands-on memory guru, Tony Leach, casts a giant shadow over the Z-Drive array system

The answer is “Fast enough to see a DVD’s-worth of data rip across the system in under 2 seconds”.

The OCZ ladies were really impressed with the point-to-point transfer speed of the Z-Drive array

KitGuru says: While we’re a few years from seeing this kind of technology sitting inside a desktop PC for less than £999, it won’t be long.

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