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Corsair Accelerator 30GB and 60GB SSD Review

Cache drives are also effective at boosting program loading times.  We devised a custom .BAT file to launch a number of programs and files simultaneously as it’s very difficult to measure the time taken to load a single program with accuracy.

This .BAT file is configured to launch Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook as well as adobe Reader and the Windows Calculator.  It was also configured to load up a series of files which are detailed in the screenshot below.

Where multiple runs of the test were required, we restarted the system between runs so that no information remained loaded in the RAM.  Once again, we used a stopwatch to record the time taken to complete the test.

Again, we see impressive performance improvements in this test with the cache drives enabled.  Bear in mind that these performance improvements will only be noticeable with programs you use often.

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  • Davis

    Nice idea, but the price drops have killed cache drives IMO.

  • Xtreme

    I still dont have an SSD in my main system, im embarassed to say