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Intel’s 3D XPoint Optane SSD and Optane Memory are now available

Following on from last month’s announcements, this week Intel’s first 3D XPoint products officially became available. For the budget-oriented market, there is Optane Memory, a small M.2 cache drive intended to boost mechanical HDD performance, meanwhile for data-centres, Intel has the Optane DC P4800X, a super speedy PCIe SSD built …

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SK Hynix introduces 72-layer 3D NAND

There has been a lot of innovation in the memory market recently. First Intel launched its 3D XPoint technology and now, SK Hynix is introducing the industry’s first 72-layer 256 gigabit 3D NAND flash based on TLC arrays. By moving up to 72-layers, SK Hynix is able to stack 1.5 …

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Western Digital launches Blue and Green series SSDs


Western Digital has been well known for its hard drives for years now but this year, the company is stepping into the SSD arena. Following on from WD’s acquisition of SanDisk, the company has launched new Green and Blue series solid state drives in 2.5-inch and M.2 form. Blue and …

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Samsung debuts new 960 Pro and 960 Evo NVMe SSDs


Samsung has announced its new 960 Pro and 960 Evo NVMe SSDs, which offer high-end performance in small packages at capacities up to 2TB. As well as faster game load times, Samsung markets these drives as the perfect solution for those rendering 4K video, data analytics and simply transferring large …

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SSDs might overtake hard drives in laptops by 2018

These days, any system worth its salt should probably include an SSD, whether it be just for booting or general storage. However, when it comes to laptops, a lot of vendors do still use traditional hard drives for many cheaper models. However, that could change fairly soon, as market researchers …

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Crucial cans planned Ballistix TX3 NVMe SSD


Crucial Micron has ditched plans to release a Ballistix TX3 NVMe SSD later this year, despite only announcing it back in June. Initially shown off alongside some new Ballistix DRAM at Computex, Crucial Micron has killed the idea altogether, leaving everyone wondering what Crucial’s plans for solid state storage are. No …

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PNY CS2211 240GB SSD Review

PNY offer drive ranges to the consumer, business and enterprise sectors and have done so for quite some time. The latest drive range to market from the American company is the CS2211, and as part of the XLR8 range is aimed at the gamer or enthusiast. The PNY CS2211 is a 7mm, …

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Intel shows off new SSDs, first with 3D NAND

Intel is launching a new line of SSDs today, the first from the company to feature 3D NAND chips. These super fast new drives were first announced last year, promising a new level of performance at capacities of up to 2TB and now, it looks like they are ready to …

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