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TeamGroup unveils new Xtreem DDR5 memory modules, SSDs and coolers

TeamGroup is set to return to Computex 2023 with an exciting lineup of new products. Besides reviving the Xtreem gaming memory brand, the company will also showcase its unique “aurora” RGB lighting technology live during the event.

Starting with the Xtreem gaming memory, these memory modules will be available with or without RGB. The latter features dual light pipes with a unique aurora-like flow of light using black translucent acrylic and multi-optical elements. Both versions feature a matte heat spreader crafted from high-quality 2mm black aluminium alloy, which undergoes a meticulous extrusion process, CNC processing, sandblasting, and black anodizing. This results in a material that combines the durability of basalt with the soft texture of black beach sand. With frequencies ranging from 7,000MHz to 8,266MHz, it offers the highest speeds in the T-Force DDR5 series.

Collaborating with Asetek, T-Force is introducing the Siren GA360 ARGB CPU AIO liquid cooler. Powered by the latest 7th generation ASETEK V2 pump, high-efficiency motors, and smart control PWM technology, this liquid cooler offers precise real-time adjustment of water block motor and fan speeds based on CPU temperatures, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency with minimal power consumption. Suited for the latest Intel and AMD multi-core CPUs, the Siren GA360 features an “aurora” ARGB water block and fan, supporting multiple lighting control programs to create a stunning aurora-like display. Moreover, Team Group announced it would introduce the industry's first AIO SSD liquid cooler for Gen5 PCIe SSDs.

The company also presented the T-Force Dark AirFlow cooler series, which will also be available with Gen5 M.2 PCIe SSDs. These SSDs are expected to achieve maximum sequential read and write speeds of over 12,000MB/s and 11,000MB/s, respectively. The T-Force Dark AirFlow coolers feature an aluminium fin heatsink with multiple layers and heat pipes to deal with rising temperatures. Complemented by an active fan cooling device and a multi-faceted cooling design, it can effectively dissipate the heat generated by the SSD, ensuring optimal operating temperatures under load.

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