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AData offers SSD users a boost

The challenges of using the Sandforce 2200 series controller are well documented. It's the ultimate draw. World's fastest SSD technology needs updates and improvements in order to get the best from the technology. AData's engineers have been busy, it seems.

Moving from ‘another gaming memory brand' to ‘world leader in SSD' has allowed OCZ to evolve as a company, in a way that no one imagined 3 years ago. It allowed them to get an exclusive deal on the new Sandforce controller when it launched. Massive unit shipments followed.

However, when the Sandforce controller hit, OCZ was affected more than most. OCZ managed to ride out the storm and put a lot of resources into ensuring that customers were well and truly supported.

AData had far fewer issues, moving their S511/S510 drives into the market later. However, there are still some quirks in the Sandforce controller that need addressing.

Today's announcement that AData Firmware Version 3.3.2 is available for free download.

AData users can get the improved software from here.

If you own one of these bad boys, then your world is about to become a better place

KitGuru says: Well worth it, but make sure you understand any data backup and recovery issues before you start to upgrade!

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