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Goldeneye: Worth the wait or a ‘purchase hesitate’ ?

With a huge number of game releases coming on the run into Christmas, November is becoming launch-central for every publisher under the sun.  We managed to get an early hands-on with Goldeneye and we ask the question, was it worth the wait – does it deserve your cash?

There can't be many people on the planet who don't know who James Bond is. Despite the fact that new heroes like Bourne successfully managed to make the whole ‘rogue agent' genre their own, the digits double-0 seven still stimulate the imagination.

With the release of this new game, the legendary James Bond returns with new modes and multiplayer options.

For example, you have MI-6 missions – separate from the campaign – where you can try to achieve Assault, Elimination, Stealth and Defense objectives.

It sounds good and was a long time in the making, but was it worthwhile ?  Here's what we saw and thought at an exclusive Playstation Access event, prior to launch.

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KitGuru says: The original game never really enthused the KitGuru gaming collective – with everyone in the office exhibiting some sign of remembered frustration when the title is mentioned. We're not 100% convinced about the new one either. If they want to create a sequel, then a LOT of consideration needs to take place first – to avoid wasting anyone's time and money.

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