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PC Game of the Year – Gamer Edition: vote now and win prizes!

My good friend Terry Makedon has a new ‘PC Game Of the Year' set up for 2011 at his own hobby site.

He said “The PC game of the Year for 2011 will be an interesting fight and the time is right to see who gamers will choose as a winner!

Terry Makedon from AMD has put up an interesting poll on his personal blog and asked our readers to stop in and drop a vote.

The poll is open until December 31 and has the potential top 10 games listed in the article.

Terry is giving away a couple of DEUS EX codes and an XFX HD6870 Black Edition to three random winners. To enter follow www.twitter.com\tmakworld and leave your twitter name in the comments section of the article. Winners will be announced early January 2012

You can cast your vote on his site, over here.

Comments are closed on Kitguru, people are more than welcome to go discuss the competition with Terry!

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