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Intel X25-V SSD 40Gb – QUAD Raid 0 performance

We have looked at the Intel X25-V drives before and you can get a more detailed recap on the unit over here.

For those of you too lazy to click the link, here is a brief reminder.

The Intel X25-V takes many of the positive aspects of the drives from the second generation flagship SSD’s. There is garbage collection and wear leveling encorporated as well as native support for the TRIM command which is built into Windows 7. There is also a handy SSD Optimiser application which can be used in Windows XP or Vista to help perform routine flash maintenance. While Windows 7 is still ideal for an SSD, it is nice to see a little extra thought going into the design to help people who have yet to upgrade (or don’t want to).

This Optimiser application can be set to start automatically on a pre defined schedule, such as overnight when you aren’t using the computer. It can also be run manually however Intel do state that when it runs, computer use should be kept to a minimum – as it only lasts a few minutes its not a massive headache.

Intel offer a 3 year warranty with the drive, which is sure to bring peace of mind to any prospective customer.

The four units we received, fully clothed. You can’t go wrong with a simple, yet attractive blue and white accented design.

When is four better than one? When you are using SSD’s of course. The Intel drives look like all the other Intel drives we have tested, the black rubber surrounding is classic Intel.

The Intel DP55WG board may not be a first choice for many people, but it has proven to be a rock solid performer in many of our system builds. This board is also a fantastic overclocker as we hit 5ghz on air cooling with a 655k a while ago.

Setting up four drives is intuitive via the Intel Matrix Storage Manager and only takes a few seconds.

Our raid system set up and ready to rock.

The final windows 7 ultimate 64 bit installation. We use a 32GB Corsair Survivor for our installation, and with this Raid 0 x 4 configuration, it took just over 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes to install Windows 7.

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