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MemoRight FTM Plus 240GB SSD Review (Sata III)

MemoRight might not be a name immediately associated with Solid State Drives in the United Kingdom, but the FTM Plus is one of the finest and fastest SandForce 2281 powered 240GB drives we have tested.

The bundle includes a 3.5 inch adapter plate which will be useful for a system build, and the drive itself performs extremely well, right up at the top of the performance pile, only outperformed in several of the tests by the special MAX IOPS edition from OCZ.

While there are no performance related issues with the MemoRight drive, there may be difficulties actually purchasing the unit in the UK as we can find no retailers who stock the product. When we spoke to MemoRight about this, they assured us that the UK market is very important to them and that the situation will hopefully change in the coming months. If we get any more information on availability we will update this page.

Rating the drive is slightly complex due to this key issue. It is one of the best 240GB solid state drives we have tested, but we can’t give it our highest award as we can find no retailers who stock it, therefore we have no idea on the price point and subsequent value for money aspect.

In closing, we will award the drive an unreserved ‘Worth Buying’ status, because if this was released with competitive pricing, it would be right at the top of our list.


  • Class leading performance.
  • Decent bundle.
  • IOPS throughput is excellent.


  • No availability yet in the UK.

Kitguru says: A heck of a statement from MemoRight, if you can find one at the right price snap it up.

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Rating: 8.5.

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