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OCZ release new Deneva SSD’s: enterprise class

OCZ are well known in enthusiast circles after all they produce some of the finest memory sticks and SSD's on the market. Today they announce the launch of a new enterprise line of SSD drives, called the Deneva series.

These are built to order for business customers and are aimed at the server marketplace. OCZ state they are the first SSD ‘to deliver Tier 0/1 Enterprise level reliability'.

The drive uses the Sandforce 1500 controller and they will be available in sizes ranging from 50gb to 400gb with speeds of up to 285mb/s read and 275 mb/s write. OCZ say the 3kb random write performance sits at 50,000 IOPS.

To cater for this specific market OCZ have also implemented a ‘supercap' which works as a temporary power backup feature in case of power loss. MTBF is rated at 10 million hours and they also will supply a custom firmware to suit each customer.

KitGuru says: Deneva will be available in SATA, SAS, FC or PCIe based options.

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