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Globalfoundries back on track with 14nm on the cards

GlobalFoundries publicly disclosed for the first time its preparations for 14nm process node technology during an interview with EE Times late last week. The world’s third largest independant semiconductor foundry has already begun planning phases for 14nm, indicative that they have made quite the turn-a-round after experiencing a year that was plagued with setbacks, followed by a supposedly much more positive Q4 2011 revenue result.

Its 14nm wafer production will take place after further developing its fabrication plant in Dresden, Germany, where it will also be continuing production of its 32nm, 28nm and 20nm process technologies.

KitGuru says: A good sign perhaps, but many wounds to heal after a rather rocky road been travelled. Can they recover from lost credibility with their customers and an apparent cancellation by AMD of 28nm products? Only time will tell.

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