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NVIDIAs Kepler making its way to Ultrabooks?

While much of the focus has been on AMD in the graphics realm recently with the birth of the HD 7970 in particular, NVIDIA is getting some real momentum happening in the mobile segment with its new 28nm TSMC based architecture, Kepler being well into production and apparently now shipping to its partners and system builders.

With the focus for now being on the entry level, lower segment of its lineup, it's expected that Kepler will have arrived in large quantities to manufacturers by the middle of February, with the launch of these mobile parts said to take place alongside that of Intel's Ivy Bridge in early April.

What we're also hearing is that NVIDIA's Kepler chips will be finding their way into next-gen Ultrabooks despite the obvious size limitations they pose, in turn heat and energy consumption being of crucial consideration. No doubt thanks to Optimus helping balance things out NVIDIA has found a way to get some low power GPUs into them and play nicely. Apparently ASUS and Acer will be jumping onboard with Kepler equipped Ultrabooks, but this is unconfirmed at the time of writing.

Via: Nordic Hardware

KitGuru says: This is a rather refreshing piece of news with the general consensus in the past being that Ultrabooks were going to be stuck with Intel integrated graphics.

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