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Nvidia records 206% Q3 revenue growth driven by AI and data centre

Nvidia has spent recent years establishing itself as a leader in the hardware market for AI acceleration. Those bets began paying off hugely with devices like the Nvidia H100 becoming hot sellers and the streak has not come to an end. Nvidia has now shared its Q3 earnings report, showing revenues have grown by a massive 206 percent compared to Q3 in the previous year. 

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New Intel Xe graphics driver brings optimisations for Forza and Assassin’s Creed

While the launch of Intel's Arc desktop GPUs wasn't perfect, Intel has impressed with driver updates in the months since, bringing consistent performance improvements. The latest Xe Graphics driver preps gamers for upcoming titles like Assassin's Creed Mirage and Forza Motorsport, while also providing performance improvements for a range of …

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Intel Arc A380 gets 150MHz boost with latest drivers

Owners of Intel Arc A380 GPUs should have a pleasant surprise if they update their GPU drivers. These new drivers not only improve DirectX 11 gaming performance but also offer a firmware upgrade for some GPUs. The BIOS update focuses on increasing stability, fan behaviour, bug fixes, and compatibility with …

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Intel’s latest Arc driver brings big improvements to DX9 gaming performance

This week, Intel began rolling out a new graphics driver for its Arc GPUs. The driver launched earlier this morning, but it is only now that we can talk about the big improvements this driver brings. Since Arc's launch, Intel's engineers have been hard at work to polish up performance, particularly in DX9 titles. With this new driver, Intel has delivered up to 43 percent better performance in DX9 with smoother frame times too. 

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KitGuru Games: Insomniac’s Spider-Man reaches new heights on PC

Back in 2018, Insomniac Games impressed us all with the release of Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4. Even then in its graphically limited, 30FPS form, the game was something special. Now, Sony has brought the game over to PC, unlocking higher graphical settings, ray-tracing, and unlocked frame rates, allowing us to get the smoothest, high-fidelity gameplay possible. In today's KitGuru Games, we're going to be looking at the PC version to see if it delivers where it counts. 

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