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AMD releases WHQL certified 16.4.2 Crimson driver

AMD said last year with its big Crimson driver update and back-end restructuring, that its drivers would in future come more frequently and be better than ever before. It’s looking to continue that practice now with the certified release of the 16.4.2 Crimson driver, bringing with it all of the …

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Hitman will run on DirectX 12 at launch

The PC Gamer Weekender event is taking place right now and some interesting news has managed to slip out of it. According to the demo of Hitman being shown at the event, the game will support DirectX 12 fully at launch, a slide also lists the benefits of going with …

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The Division takes PC graphics options seriously

One of the more irritating trends that’s emerged out of games being made for console and ported to PC, is that the graphics options can be extremely limited. That’s not the case with the upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division though, as its list of tweakable settings in the graphics menu …

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AMD debuts new 15.7 Catalyst drivers for Windows 10

With the official launch of Windows 10 coming towards the end of this month, many different technology companies are updating their drivers and systems to have everything ready for the big switchover. That includes AMD, which has just released its new Catalyst GPU and APU drivers with full Windows 10 compatibility for …

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Evolve final system requirements announced

The final PC system requirements for upcoming 4V1 monster hunting title, Evolve, have been announced ahead of this month’s ‘beta’ test. Turtle Rock Studios also just announced that Evolve has also gone gold, meaning that the game is effectively done content wise. The minimum requirements for Evolve include an Intel …

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