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Modded AMD graphics driver enables Noise Suppression on older GPUs

AMD launched its alternative to RTX Voice last month. The new feature, known as Noise Suppression, is only officially supported on RNDA 2 GPUs. However, modders have been quick to get it working on older GPUs too using modded drivers. 

With the 3rd-party graphics driver (based on the 22.7.1 release) developed by Guru3D user mylipho15 (via Reddit), you should be able to switch on Noise Suppression with Navi, Polaris and Vega GPUs. Eventually, the developer also wants to bring Noise Suppression to legacy GCN GPUs.

For now, the driver uses a beta implementation, so there are some issues. The feature seems to largely work in calls, but if you leave it switched on, it can mess up other audio sources, such as music.

In addition to the AMD Noise Suppression beta, the latest NimeZ graphics driver also introduced a beta implementation of GPU hardware scheduling.

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KitGuru says: We saw a similar mod released to get RTX Voice working on older Nvidia GPUs too. Of course, you should only install a third-party graphics driver if your GPU is out of warranty and you have a good grasp on what you're doing. 

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