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Intel discusses Arc graphics and optimising for legacy and modern APIs

Intel is continuing to ramp up its marketing efforts for Intel Arc. Earlier this week, Intel uploading a new video discussing Arc A750 GPU benchmarks and performance versus the RTX 3060. Now, in a new video Intel continues to keep expectations in check for Arc, with a discussion around graphics APIs.

In the latest video, Intel graphics marketing lead, Ryan Shrout, is joined by Tom Petersen to talk about legacy APIs and the differences between them and newer ones.

In the A750 graphics benchmark video, Intel used DX12 titles, showing that Arc works well with modern low-level APIs like DX12 and Vulkan, which allow closer communication between the GPU and the game. However, DX11, DX9 and other legacy APIs don't have that same level of resource management, meaning a bigger burden is placed on optimising drivers for those games.

The pair explain that there is still more work for Intel to do on the software side to optimise performance across many PC titles. We should hear more later this month, as Intel will be posting another performance-oriented video detailing its upcoming desktop graphics cards.

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KitGuru Says: We're finally starting to get more frequent updates from Intel on its upcoming desktop graphics cards, which hopefully means launch is just around the corner.

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