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AMD RDNA 3 GPUs support Vulkan 1.3

Vulkan 1.3 is the latest major version of the compute and graphics API. As such, it has been receiving support for all the graphics cards launched between its release and now. Currently, it supports all graphics cards on the market from AMD, Nvidia and Intel, but it's also ready for …

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Khronos Group releases Vulkan 1.2 API

The Khronos Group released the first major update to Vulkan in 2018 with Vulkan 1.1. Now to kick off 2020, the Vulkan API has been upgraded to version 1.2, integrating new API extensions and improving GPU acceleration functionality. Vulkan 1.2 integrates 23 “proven extensions” into the core API, bringing developers …

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Khronos has officially launched Vulkan 1.0

The Khronos Group is once again pushing open-API standards this week with the official launch of the cross-platform graphics API, Vulkan. The API just hit version 1.0 and is now ready for developers to make full use of and implement into games. Many of you will know of the Kronos …

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Valve: DirectX 12 does not make a lot of sense, Vulkan does

Microsoft Corp.’s DirectX 12 application programming interface promises to significantly improve performance of video games in Windows 10 operating system thanks to efficient usage of modern hardware. However, Valve Software believes that it makes no sense to use DX12, but to utilize cross-platform Vulkan API instead. Modern application programming interfaces – …

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Nvidia gets first samples of GP100 from TSMC, begins internal tests

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has successfully produced the first samples of Nvidia Corp.’s code-named GP100 graphics processing unit. Nvidia has already started to test the chip internally and should be on-track to release the GPU commercially in mid-2016. 3DCenter reports that Nvidia has sent the first graphics cards based on the …

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Nvidia changes roadmap: ‘Volta’ is now due in 2018

Nvidia Corp. has slightly changed its roadmap concerning GPU architectures. As it appear, its next-gen GPUs code-named “Pascal” are now due in 2016, whereas their successors will be released only in 2018. Based on a new roadmap that Nvidia showcased at a tech conference in Japan, the company will release its …

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