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Ubisoft’s first VR game ‘Eagle Flight’ is now available on Rift

Earlier this year at E3, Ubisoft announced that it would soon be releasing a bunch of games for virtual reality headsets, including Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Eagle Flight. Star Trek isn't out just yet, but if you happen to own an Oculus Rift and would like to partake in something a little more competitive, then Eagle Flight might just be your thing.

Eagle Flight is Ubisoft's first VR title to release on the Oculus platform. It is set in an abandoned version of Paris, the campaign mode will take you through a series of missions that place you at famous landmarks, while the game's competitive multiplayer mode lets you team up in groups of three to grab prey and return it to your nest. It's essentially an intense version of capture the flag, but with birds and in VR.


In a blog post announcement, Ubisoft's VP of FunHouse, the publisher's experimental studio for new tech, mentioned that Eagle Flight is built to be “very intuitive” so both novices and veterans in the VR space can pick up the game and enjoy it.

Eagle Flight is out now on the Oculus Rift, it will be launching on the 8th of November on PlayStationVR and the 20th of December for the HTC Vive.

KitGuru Says: Despite its lukewarm reception at E3, Eagle Flight actually looks like a pretty fun VR title. That said, it may get stale with just one multiplayer gamemode.

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