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You can now try and buy the Oculus Rift at UK retail

The Oculus Rift is now readily available for anyone who wants one, with no more long waits or pre-order queues. However, if you are still on the fence, or don't fancy waiting for shipping and delivery, you can now find the Oculus Rift headset available at UK retail stores. This will give you the chance to try out a demo unit before laying down the cash, you will also be able to take one home on the day of purchasing.

The headset is listed with a £499 price tag on the Oculus online store, though the final price comes to around £530 once shipping costs are added. At UK retail stores, the Rift will cost £549 instead.


The Rift will be available at stores like John Lewis, Curry's PC World, GAME and Harrods.The timing is good too, as the Oculus Touch motion controllers are set to launch next month, which will open the door for room-scale and more immersive games, similar to what the HTC Vive offers.

There will be an additional surge in Virtual Reality games and experiences once Oculus Touch launches, so it may be a good time to jump in.

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KitGuru Says: It will be nice to see the Oculus Rift with more of an in-store presence here in the UK. It will also allow those on the fence to try the headset out before deciding to lay down the cash. Are any of you thinking about adopting a VR headset at some point? Or are you waiting on the next generation of headsets?

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