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YOYOTech launches the XDNA Aurum 24K at 8K sterling

Looking at the latest data from IDC, the vast majority of desktop systems will ship for less than £800 in 2014. Given that impressive stat, what would possess a company to create a new range where each hand-crafted system weighs in at just under £8,000?   KitGuru scratches the surface to reveal gold. 

When YOYOTech launched its Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 at the beginning of November 2008, it was revolutionary for a number of reasons – including the world's first view of a production system with an overclocked Core i7 965 Extreme Edition, 9GB of system memory and something called an SSD for the operating system.

It was the fastest machine of its time and knocked Sun off the top of the SPEC performance charts.

At just under £4,000 it was considered expensive by the media, so what would they have said if the price was double that?

At its heart, the YOYOTech Aurum 24K has an Intel Core i7 4960X with a custom liquid cooled solution.

Graphics are also liquid cooled, in this case a pair (yep – TWO) nVidia GTX Titan cards.

Heat is dissipated through a pair of 480mm radiators and there's plenty of room in the chassis for thermal flow.

We'll get hands-on shortly, but for now here's a quick look at the most expensive production machine YOYOTech has ever released.





KitGuru says: The actual benchmarks will follow, but for now we can say that this scores very high on the Want-Want scale.

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