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Samsung include ‘start’ button on upcoming Windows 8 desktop PC’s

Samsung may be hitting all the news stories for losing a $1 billion battle against Apple in an American court, however they are keen to point out that it is very much business as usual for the electronics giant. They have previewed a new range of personal computers running the latest Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

The new machines will go on sale on October 26th and the industry is hoping that Windows 8 will help restore flagging computer sales running up to the end of year sales. User feedback so far for Windows 8 has been mixed, especially as the interface has been designed to work better on a touch screen mobile device, rather than a desktop system. Youtube is loaded with videos complaining about Windows 8 and the ‘move backwards’.

Samsung will be releasing three computers in America for $799, $1,099 and $1,699 – with improvements up the range on storage, memory and the size of the monitor they supply. All models will run on Intel processors.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o7KLzYEiuk’]

Samsung are really keen to point out that they have built their own ‘optional’ start button on the Windows 8 systems, which can be used to access a menu of applications, just like Windows 7.

This feature won’t be available from all PC makers when they release a series of computers later this year. Early research has shown that many people are finding this missing option a huge interface issue on first use, so it makes sense for Samsung to re-add it.

Kitguru says: Windows 8 with a ‘start’ button feature added ‘out of the box’. Windows 7 anyone?

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