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Asus plan new super thin EEE PC and tablet phone

Asus changed the world when they released the EEE PC. It was an inexpensive, superportable computer which many enthusiast users bought by the million, especially as it could be easily modded and run Linux out of the box.

Computex is ready to rock and Asus are building up hype, promising a new super thin EEE at the tradeshow. They have been using their Facebook page for promotion of this upcoming product, posting pictures for the last week and hinting at specifications.

As Asus say “Break the rules, pad or phone?”, hand selecting dramatic picture set to show the silhouette but nothing else. A few angled shots have been released hinting at the overall design which appears to be a combination of materials with silver, gloss and bronze on the fascia.

Embossed logo on the side of the machine, gives it a very classy appearance.

KitGuru says: Several more teaser ‘adverts' have been posted this week, but the good news is we don't have long to wait to find out.

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  1. I’m just hoping to see something like my Dell Streak. I am pretty enamoured with my device. However, with the lack of support from Dell, and the amount of shortcomings associated with the Streak, I’m left looking for another 5″ screen tab/phone that doesn’t exist in the market.

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  4. Super thin is super cool, but canthey get the price right?

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