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Google Chromebox by Samsung – will you want it ?

Google have launched their new ChromeBox with Samsung, featuring their Chrome OS operating system. Experts have said that the device borrows quite a few design cues from the Apple Mac Mini, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Chrome OS is proving very popular with a select audience, especially due to the automatic upgrade system and low cost. Sales however for the Chromebook are weaker than Google would have hoped so far.

Research so far has shown that 300,000 ChromeBooks will be sold this year, which accounts for around 1 percent of the overall laptop market.

Linus Upson from Google said that the ChromeBox has been developed by engineers who “wanted something to plug in to their TVs and play media through.”

The machine, pictured on this page certainly looks a lot like the Mac Mini, but will cost a lot less. Chrome OS is very dependent on a constant internet connection and has only recently received a Windows style desktop. The recent updates allow for offline access to Gmail and an offline system to manage documents is coming soon with a beta version already available.

The ChromeBox uses an Intel Core processor and contains 16GB of storage via flash memory. Pricing will be around £280 inc vat.

Google are pushing the new devices hard, and PC World in London has the first Google retail store for customers.

Kitguru says: Will the ChromeBox drive more sales for the company?

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