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Project Cars themed systems available at OCUK

Project Cars might not have ticked everyone’s boxes when it was finally release early last month, but it has given a lot of people a very pretty set of cars and tracks to race around in and on. If you’ve found your PC isn’t quite up to the task of handling its impressive visuals though, perhaps you’ll be interested in OCUK’s new lineup of Project Cars themed systems.


Part of the retailers Forcebox range, the new rigs are Chicane, Slipstream and Apex, for obvious reasons and they pack a lot of powerful hardware capable of delivering high-end performance which should handle Project Cars without stumbling.

The Chicane offers an i5 CPU, a GTX 970 and 8GB of DDR3, though there are many options for those interested, to configure.  The Slipstream is a little more powerful with an i7 CPU and a GTX 980, whilst the Apex is a monster with a high-end i7 chip running alongside a GTX Titan X and 16GB of DDR4.

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Each system can have a few additions made, such as upgrading the bundled SSD to something bigger or faster, as well as additional hard drives, OS of choice and whether you want the stock case or something a bit more flashy. Prices range from £900 for the Chicane, up to a base cost just shy of £2,0000 for the Apex – though it can get a lot more expensive depending on the options you choose.

All come with OCUK’s standard warranty and build quality guarantee, and are available with up to 48 months of financing for those that don’t have the spare cash lying around to buy one of these outright.

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KitGuru Says: Although Windows 10 is just around the corner, at least you get yourself a free upgrade with a system like this thanks to the official license. 

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