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MESH launches new enthusiast range of gaming PCs

Mesh has been in the PC building business for quite some time now, and with high markups currently affecting retail graphics cards, now seems like a better time than ever to turn towards a pre-build. This week, Mesh launched its new enthusiast range of systems, filled with different hardware customisation options so that you can get your ideal PC.

Each PC in the Enthusiast range comes with a 250GB M.2 SSD and 1TB HDD combo as standard, allowing for speedy boot times and a decent chunk of mass storage space. This can be configured to your liking, but it's a solid starting point. Another thing of note is that each system uses ASUS motherboards and graphics cards specifically, with motherboards ranging from the Z370 TUF range up to the ROG Maximus X Hero. Each Asus graphics card is a Strix model as standard, which has a particularly strong cooler.

The base system in the range is the E-Hercules, featuring a Coffee Lake Core-i3 processor, a GTX 1060 6GB GPU and 8GB of RAM for £1149. You can step up to the E-Pegasus at £1399, which features the Core i5-8400 instead and 16GB of RAM. The E-Pro7 is where your overclocking options start to come into play. This system starts at £1449 and features a Core i5-8600K, a GTX 1070 GPU and 16GB of RAM, all on an ASUS Z370 Prime motherboard.

The two highest end PCs in the range are the E-Titan and the E-Hero. The former starts at £1559 and opts for a Core i5-8600K, a GTX 1070 and 16GB of 3466MHz RAM. It also comes with the Asus Z370 ROG Strix-F motherboard. Finally, the E-Hero is the top of the bunch, with a Core i7-8700K, a GTX 1080, 16GB of 3466MHz RAM, and a ROG Maximus X Hero motherboard.

In the Mesh configurator tool, you can opt for different cases, power supplies, fans, LEDs and custom cable sleeves. You can also pick from a different selection of CPUs, AIO liquid coolers, motherboards, and storage options. Each one will have a different impact on the final price.

The last point of note is that each system comes with a lifetime warranty for labour, and 12 months coverage for parts in case anything goes wrong. This can be upgraded so that you have longer coverage on part replacements.

You can check out the full MESH Enthusiast range, HERE.

KitGuru Says: With retail prices currently at a high point, more of our readers have been looking into pre-builds as an alternative. Let us know if any of this ends up being helpful to you.

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